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Bestselling Nursing Scrubs Show Women’s Great Economic Force

Women is the world’s largest growing economic force. Indeed, it is. They comprise the most number of shopping public. Whenever you go to department stores, most of the stalls feature ladies wears. Accessory stands are filled with girls stuff. In fact, even food chains are normally filled with female customers. This fact is also noticeable in the e-stores.

When you visit, for instance, what will you see? Near the banner are two beautiful girls wearing the featured nursing scrubs will catch your attention. What about men? Well, there are at least two men placed near lab coats and custom made categories. The rest are girls. And then, when you click on any of the categories, women still outnumber the other gender.

Now let’s check on how women do with online shopping for nursing scrubs. Among the bestsellers, we can find Cherokee scrubs, Dickies scrubs, discount scrub pants, lab coats, and many more. In the first page of Cherokee scrubs category, only three unisex scrub tops are featured, which ladies may also use. Same thing goes with Dickies scrubs. Even with the scrub pants, there are still more items for women. But with lab coats, offered number of products designed for men almost equaled that for women. In general, though, we know which items most often go into shopping carts.

According to a CNN report, women control $20 trillion annual consumer spending globally; and this could climb to $28 trillion by 2014. The result is due to the growing population of working women. In the U.S. alone, it almost equals the men’s, populace although high ranks are still dominated by men.

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