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Betty Goes Biking Print Scrubs

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Not everyone loves a fast ride on a motorcycle, but everybody wants to experience or at least learn how to drive it. The problem, however, is that not all have the courage and spirit of a biker. Ladies, in particular feel some kind of unexplainable fear that makes their knees shiver. Good thing one can […]

Heart Beat Scrub Prints

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Can you hear those hearts pounding? No, of course. But you can tell by the look of that lady in the picture below that she’s happy. And perhaps, her heart is beating in a cheerful melody; although, we really can’t tell whether she’s hearing that because not an earpiece of the stethoscope is placed in […]

Fly by Night Print Scrub

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Children running around, trying to catch a beautiful butterfly is a scene you would want to keep in your memory vividly. You can almost imagine the excitement in their laughter and screams; you wish to turn back the time, and live that day once more. That is not possible, though. But you can reminisce those […]

Cartoon Print Scrub Tops

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Lots of people have a good time reminiscing their childhood. They talk of the fun times they had on game. Laugh about their foolishness. And they look back at their favorite cartoon programs on TV. At some point, some even keep their favorite cartoon hero figures and memorabilia until they have kids. And then, pass […]


Print Scrubs for Men and Women

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Are you among those people who hate looking dull with what you wear even while at the workplace? In offices where uniforms are standard, employees don’t have any choice but to come with the clothing they probably don’t want to be wearing anymore. However, in the medical industry, doctors, dentists, nurses, and other medical practitioners […]