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Getting the Lowest Priced Dickies Scrubs

“I bought a particular discounted Dickies scrub from your site last week, only to find now that another store offers that very same product in a much lower price. Can I get from you at the same price as with the item from your competitor?” What does Pulse Uniform say? Absolutely yes. Pulse Uniform offers […]

Why Love Hospital Scrubs?

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What do you think is the best thing that a nurse or physician finds in hospital scrubs? Knowing that most people don’t like wearing uniforms, one might wonder about the things that make the wearers like the garments, or even love them. The best way to find out about this is experience how it is […]

Nursing Uniforms for Modern Day Medical Professionals

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Gone are the traditional Victorian style and blanket like nursing uniforms as these clothing are now all about modern fashion and snug fitting. Our nurses, men and women, prefer practically comfortable nursing uniforms that do not bring them back to 1900s which actually make no difference to religious habits at all. Fast forward to the […]

Nursing Scrubs – Make your best pick

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Ever thought of wearing something that catches everybody’s attention? Maybe some liked the idea but others might raise an eyebrow. This tells us that each prefer certain designs and have different standards for various cuts. If you have a collection of everything, the problem comes with the choosing. On nursing scrubs that won’t be an […]