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Medical Uniforms Branded but Affordable

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It’s a usual thinking that branded medical uniforms are costly, and that common people would only be able to afford them during clearance sale. That’s a sad thing to know. But just like most things in the world, this could change. In fact, it did already. Many stores selling medical uniforms have them in budget […]

Discount Medical Scrubs Uniforms

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How do you manage your money at this time of economic crisis? Do you make use of the service of a bank to only disperse your budget on certain times? Are able to set aside enough amount for the bills and primary needs? Have you kept some for emergency needs? Or do you make unnecessary […]

Cherokee Scrubs – Medical World’s Trendsetter

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Uniforms are an unwanted stuff by many medical students. Unfortunately, they have to get used to wearing them, since the real medical world lives behind the shades of medical uniforms. You’ll see white, blue, and green. Sounds like you’ve got no choice at all, but to stand with dull and lifeless clothing. That’s an exaggeration, […]

How Much To Spend For Cherokee Workwear Scrubs

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See the man in coat and tie? He looks handsome, doesn’t he? You don’t agree much, I think. But his attire is awesome; his a real gentleman in that suit. As nurse, though, you can’t come to work in coat and tie. Doctors may, but will be inviting much bacteria along. And that’s just costly. […]

Floral Print Scrubs – More Lovely Flowers!

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Girls have always loved flowers, and they appreciate it very much every time a bunch of flowers is received. This particular nature of women makes manufacturers inspired of producing different beautiful floral designs on garment products. And since, printed scrubs are widely accepted as uniforms in clinics and hospitals, medical scrub prints come in a […]

Personalize Your Nursing Scrubs

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Nowadays, nursing scrubs look almost the same. Even if they come in different colors, you might not be able to tell which is which unless you make several glances. One good way to make your nursing scrubs look different from others is to personalize them. Some changes can always be done, right? The simplest and […]