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Multiple Pocket Scrub Pants – Is it for you?

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The latest in the styles of medical scrub pants nowadays include the 11-pocket Dickies Youtility scrub pants. After releasing the 9-pocket Dickies scrub pants last year, Dickies made another step further into the new standard of functional medical uniforms scrubs. But would you rather wear single-pocket White Swan scrubs pants than such a heavily pocket-packed […]

Six Pockets Scrub Pants Going Nine

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Do you like cargo scrub pants because of the multiple pockets? You like it six, or you want more? If you still don’t have enough storage for you valuables in your 6-pocket scrub pants, Pulse Uniform is giving you 9 pockets with the newest scrub pants addition by Dickies scrubs – the DI-857455 Dickies women […]


Bestselling Nursing Scrubs Show Women’s Great Economic Force

Women is the world’s largest growing economic force. Indeed, it is. They comprise the most number of shopping public. Whenever you go to department stores, most of the stalls feature ladies wears. Accessory stands are filled with girls stuff. In fact, even food chains are normally filled with female customers. This fact is also noticeable […]

Anti-microbial Landau Scrubs

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If there’s one thing exceptional about Landau is the use of anti-microbial fabric on its nursing uniforms. The willingness to take risk introducing new bioshield Landau scrubs to the medical industry cannot be ignored. Right now, a Landau scrub featuring microbial resistance might not be that appealing to health care workers. Support from physicians, nurses, […]

Getting the Lowest Priced Dickies Scrubs

“I bought a particular discounted Dickies scrub from your site last week, only to find now that another store offers that very same product in a much lower price. Can I get from you at the same price as with the item from your competitor?” What does Pulse Uniform say? Absolutely yes. Pulse Uniform offers […]

Shopping for Discount Dickies Scrubs

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Lost in shopping for discount Dickies scrubs? Perhaps, instead of finding good deals, you end up with costly items. No need to worry now for you’ve come to a place that puts customers back to the right track. We help shoppers of medical scrubs get exactly what they want. As to Dickies scrubs, the discounted […]