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20 Ways to Create More Time Out of Your 24 Hours

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Have you ever felt like you’ve been always running after time, feeling like you’re wasting all your time on the less important things in life? If you’re a doctor, for instance, and you’ve been living your whole life in the hospital and in your medical scrubs, leaving behind your most precious family, it’s time to […]

Coffee Can Surprisingly Reduce Hospital Stays for Irregular Heartbeat

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Who among you love coffee as much as I do? My average coffee intake is 6 cups a day, and sometimes brings it up to 8. In the morning, right after getting in the office, I’ll go straight to the pantry and make my first cup. That’s about 7:00 o’clock in the morning. Before the […]

10 Things to Keep Night Shift Nurses Going

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Staying efficient at work and mentally alert can be a real challenge to nurses who work in night shift. But more than simply trying to give your best in the hospital, you also have to care for your own physical and emotional health, which means attending to your other needs as well. If you know […]

Confusion Over Regular Mammogram Screenings

The American Cancer Society is firm at recommending regular mammography screening to women at age 40. This is in connection to the significant gains the country was able to witness in reducing breast cancer deaths for the past 19-20. To prevent 1 breast cancer death, 1,904 women ages 40-49 need to be screened, 1,339 for […]


Jackson’s Doctor Charged of “Manslaughter”

Dr. Conrad Murray, pop star Michael Jackson’s personal physician was charged of involuntary manslaughter in connection with the latter’s death. The physician turned himself in and pleaded not guilty of the complaint that Murray allegedly did unlawfully and without malice, kill Michael Joseph Jackson.

Reliving Hela on 2010 World Cancer Day

The long strife in fighting cancer is one big door that opens the mind of cancer patients as to the real value of life. Family and friends of victims testify to every pain that the cancer patient endured, and also speak of the pain that they themselves have to deal knowing they can do nothing […]