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Foods that Jeopardize Heart Health

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Before you get amazed with the numerous foods that are actually healthy for the heart, the list of the NO foods will be kinda overwhelming. It’s overwhelming because the substances that can have great impact on health are found in almost every food in the grocery – the trans fats and saturated fats. Consumption of […]

10 Reasons to Always Face New Day at Work with a Smile

When things go crazy and life becomes distressful, it’s alright to scream and allow tears to roll. Find a shoulder or bang the door. However, don’t be imprisoned in the craziness of this world or be emptied with its worries. Have a positive outlook in life, and always face new day at work with a […]


How to Prevent Heart Attacks and Strokes

World Health Organization (WHO) estimates about 17.1 million who die of cardiovascular diseases every year. People who have high blood pressure, high levels of cholesterol and glucose, overweight and obese, as well as those who smoke, eat less fruits and vegetables, and rarely engage in physical activities are at high risk of cardiovascular diseases such […]

5 Keys to Safer Food – Simple Steps to Cut the Cost

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Salmonella, E. coli, Campylobacter are the three most common diseases contracted due to eating or drinking food and or beverages that were contaminated with the said microbes or pathogens. The first two disease-causing pathogens often result to recall food products off the market. But these and other more food borne diseases are all preventable only […]

Drink and Live Long?

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Moderate drinkers, those who drink 1 to less than three a day, live longer according to a recent study completed by researchers of University of Texas in Austin and Stanford University in Palo Alto. The study found that among elderly, ages 55 to 65, moderate and even the heavy drinkers were less likely to die […]

Brewed Tea is Way Better than Bottled Tea

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Tea sales in the U.S. reach $7 billion annually. Many are hooked, but little do they know that they are actually drinking more water and sugar than tea. The polyphenols, the healthy antioxidants, they’re after bottled teas are virtually not in the content or are way too little compared with that in brewed tea. A […]