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Dickies Lab Coats – Practically Stylish

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How do you like your lab coats to look like? Maybe you want it to bring out your caring character while making you appear more respectable and efficient in the profession. If that’s what you are looking for, Dickies lab coats are the perfect items to check out. They feature simple but smart designs which […]

Discount Medical Scrubs Uniforms

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How do you manage your money at this time of economic crisis? Do you make use of the service of a bank to only disperse your budget on certain times? Are able to set aside enough amount for the bills and primary needs? Have you kept some for emergency needs? Or do you make unnecessary […]

Finding Authentic Dickies Medical Uniforms

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Lot’s of online stores are out there offering branded medical uniforms, and claiming they are of high quality. But do they really have the authentic items? Others, yes. However, you might find them in considerably high prices. At Pulse Uniform though, branded medical apparels such as the Dickies uniforms come at their lowest prices ever. […]

Dress The Best Way – Dress In Cherokee Medical Scrubs

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What’s the best way to dress for work today? Is it the classy business attire, the casual trendy look, or just the uniform? Whatever it is, as long as it’s modest, it would be fine. However, in hospitals and clinics, wherein wearing medical uniform is a requirement, not all of the employees are happy doing […]


Look Lively with Pastel-Colored Dickies Scrubs

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Tired of the dull green and white colors of nursing uniforms? You don’t have to deal with that everyday when you can obtain Dickies scrubs that are of pastel colors from Pulse Uniform. This online store stocks wide selection of the most sought after items from Dickies, and you can find them in the most […]

Dickies Uniforms and Color-Coded Uniform Policy

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Does it matter what color of Dickies uniforms you wear? Well, as we can see, the issue on color-coded nursing uniforms has still not subsided among the medical industry. Many hospitals have already implemented the policy, while others are still reconciling significant but opposing aspects, which may include monetary considerations. If you may have to […]