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5 Tips to Make Your Day and Build Your Career..!

  Your work may be tough, demand you stay long hours in workplace, attend multiple shifts in a week. When doing all day work is the only alternative you have, you need to handle the situation accordingly. And adopt creative and logical approach to make your duty hours more productive and pleasant making your all […]

Habits That Make a Good Nurse Great!

  These are our habits that define us. And habits are our daily actions that we do without any conscious effort and inner force. Great habits lead us to be a better person in all corners of our life. On the other hands, bad habits horribly make our life hell. The same rule applies to […]

Why Sitting More Than Three Hours a Day Might Kill You?

People are spending more time at work, schools or home by prolonged sitting that limits the physical activities.A human is designed to move and to be involved in a manner of manual labor every day.             According to the researchers, sitting three hours a day reduces the anticipated lifespan of […]

The case of Medical Marijuana Legalization in U.S

Researchers are looking forward having a permit to undergo more studies about Medical Marijuana in the relation of the legalization of the drug to use in the future medical treatments as the United States Senator Orrin Hatch passes a bill about the issue. Hatch presents the draft law to the court together with the three […]

Vaccine for Zika virus, Set for Try Out

Zika virus is related to the viruses like Dengue, Chikungunya, and Yellow Fever Virus coming from mosquito bites. Zika is a newly discovered virus that causes alarm, especially to pregnant women because it can cause infection or Microcephaly which might lead to the baby experiencing Congenital Condition. According to World Health Organization or WHO, Brazil […]

The Less Cause of Alzheimer’s for the People Oriented Jobs

The human brain is the center of our nervous system. It wields centralized control to the rest parts of our body. It controls our emotions when we are in love and everything we feel, and thinking what are the solutions to problems every time Math Quizzes attacks. That is how important we should care our […]