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Multiple Pocket Scrub Pants – Is it for you?

The latest in the styles of medical scrub pants nowadays include the 11-pocket Dickies Youtility scrub pants. After releasing the 9-pocket Dickies scrub pants last year, Dickies made another step further into the new standard of functional medical uniforms scrubs. But would you rather wear single-pocket White Swan scrubs pants than such a heavily pocket-packed item?

Let’s see if multiple pocket scrub pants are for you, or that you should simply let the new generation craze of uniform medical pass. For one, functionality is not measured by how many pockets are attached to it, but on how it is able to effectively help the wearer in his or her tasks. Multiple pockets’ use with a nurse, doctor, or any health care worker would depend on several aspects relating to work and personal issues.

Organized. It is very likely that you would clutter each and every pocket that your scrubs pants have if you have problems with being organized. Sadly, this may also increase the likelihood of delaying the necessary care on emergency situations, wherein time is the most important aspect. Multiple pocket scrub pants is not for you, then. If, on the other hand, you aim to improve on this, the various pockets that especially designed for specific stuff may help.

Memory Lapse. If you look for your keys every time, multiple pocketed scrubs pants are not for you either. Efficiency in patient care requires sharp memory. However, if you lack on this aspect, having only two pockets, or just one, will minimize the likeliness of forgetting where your things are placed. You can easily find your thermometer, forceps, and things like that.

Generous Bottom. Many desire to have voluptuous bum, but having a generous one not desirable at all. When you have this issue, forget about wearing scrub pants that has multiple pockets, especially back pockets, for it will add more bulk to your behind. You surely would like it better if others adore the more proportional look of yours.

Clumsy. I don’t mean to offend anyone with this. But let’s face it; there are people who seem to be very unlucky having their scrub pants or scrub tops ripped all too frequently. Additional protruding details, like pockets, are more at risk of getting ripped from the pants. This should also apply to individuals, during those days that they feel less coordinated or absent-minded. And if you prefer cheap scrubs because you want to save, buying something that will most likely just get easily damaged isn’t a wise move at all.

On-The-Rush Mode. As a person who pledged life to helping save lives, you may be always on-the-rush mode, requiring you to have important stuff always handy. This time, the scrub pants with multiple pockets can really be of great help. Dedicating each pocket to specific gadgets will keep things organized and easy to find.

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