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Medical Marijuana Achieved New Milestone

Arizona began implementing medical marijuana. Oppositions by different institutions and groups were not able to stand against medical marijuana. On the 15th of November 2010, Proposition 203 or the medical marijuana was finally legalized in the State of Arizona.

What is needed to get this new law fully implemented is the set of requirements that will act as perimeter of medical marijuana cardholders, dispensaries, and growers. And by next summer, medical users can already smoke marijuana without ending up behind bars.

I was able to read about the news at As I was going through the article, I was incessantly looking for any professional name that would spill out any negative reaction regarding pot legalization. But I guess, people wearing lab coats and nursing scrubs are less concerned of the long term societal effects or of any related problems that could sprout in the future.

Law enforcers showed no little concern, though. “I see this as a threat to the quality of life in Arizona,” Yavapai County Attorney Sheila Polk said of the new law.

Yavapai County Sheriff Steve Waugh’s comments were even stronger. “The voting public was misguided by the proponents of medical marijuana and they will realize their mistake when they see bodies lying in the highway,” Waugh said.

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