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Brewed Tea is Way Better than Bottled Tea

Tea sales in the U.S. reach $7 billion annually. Many are hooked, but little do they know that they are actually drinking more water and sugar than tea. The polyphenols, the healthy antioxidants, they’re after bottled teas are virtually not in the content or are way too little compared with that in brewed tea.

A study presented at the 240th National Meeting of American Chemical Society by Natural Product Chemist Shiming Li or WellGen, Inc., a biotechnology company in North Brunswick, N.J., reveals that in order to get the amount of polyphenols of one cup of home brewed tea, one has to consume 20 bottles teas. Yes, that much! You may as well count the amount of sugar you added to your sugar level, and the money spent on virtually invaluable drink.

Well, not a few simply fish for bottled teas in the vending machines because of being too busy with their secular jobs. Even those wearing Dickies scrubs, licensed as health care professionals, simply ignore what they know about bottled teas for the sake of mending dried throats.

Compared to a regular tea bag that weighs 2.2 grams and could contain 175 mg of polyphenols, the 6 teas that analyzed showed only 81, 43, 40, 13, 4, and 3 mg per 16-ounce bottle. This happens because of commercializing the product. As we know tea’s polyphenol is bitter and astringent, so manufacturers put only a small amount of tea and add more sugar in order to make the tea taste sweeter, and thus more likable.

But if what you really want the real benefits of tea, brew tea at home. The fight against risk of cancer, cardiovascular diseases and other health problems begin with what we take into out system, so get the better option if not the best.

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