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Urbane Fleece Jacket – Your Luxurious Warm Up at Low Cost

The rare fleeces of alpaca, guanaco, llama and vicuña are the most expensive warm up jackets one can covet. Their insulation is outstanding, and their smoothness is incomparable. For practical people, however, fleece warm up jackets from those animals are but luxuries that can be set aside for less costly counterparts. As healthcare workers, spending most of the time inside the hospital or clinic, the Urbane fleece jacket will be just right for the needed warmth and comfort.

Made from 100% acrylic, a less expensive material, the UR-9706 Urbane women fleece nursing jacket comes lightweight, soft, warm and provides a wool-like feel. And so this product is much cheaper. Besides warmth, comfort, and cheap price, Urbane fleece jacket also comes stylish like all other Urbane jackets. The knit cuffs, which keep warmth from escaping, have the same color and texture as the rest of the fleece jacket for that monochromatic look, much like the patch pockets. Same thing with the raglan sleeves, whose design give the simple scoop neck of this Urbane fleece warm up a twist. On the other hand, the satin trim of the front snap closure, provides a shiny look as accent.

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