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The Plausible Appearance of Colored Scrubs

White scrubs maybe the trademark of nursing scrubs, but just like a piece of spotless bond paper, it can look pretty boring. That’s besides the fact that white can catch dirt very easily. With the appearance of colored scrubs in the industry, a plausible change has been made. Hospitals were able to get rid of the monochromatic appeal, and created a colorful place for the sick since then. Somehow, they also serve as mediums of chromatherapy or color therapy, helping patients to recover faster. The manufacturers of medical uniforms have indeed made a wise move when they added colored scrubs.

Today, colored scrubs serve to identify different clinical departments from one another, as part of the requirements in some hospitals. This means, that all colored scrubs need to have the same qualities as the white scrubs, especially when it comes to protection. That particular need didn’t escape the eyes of medical uniform manufacturers. Most manufacturers make use of the advancements in the fabric technology to improve the scrub uniforms’ protection. Cherokee and Dickies, for instance, feature soil release. It’s the capability of clothing to resist dirt, hence minimizing nasty stains. Landau and Cherokee use anti-bacterial or anti-microbial system to keep pathogens and chemicals from easily accumulating. So now, we got color blue, green, red, black, pink, purple, chocolate, yellow and grey scrubs working like lab coats.

One more thing that makers of medical uniforms made sure of was for colored scrubs to possess true comfort. Accordingly, 100% cotton colored scrub tops, scrub pants, and scrub jackets were made available. These breathable and super comfortable scrubs are joined by other high quality uniforms using poly/cotton poplin fabrics. Basically, these hospital apparels are also durable, giving you service that’s worth spending for. And by incorporating high end styles, colored scrubs can be really trendy. To find such types of colored nursing scrubs in very affordable prices, simply visit Pulse Uniform.

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