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I Shoot All Of My Employees

While other fashion houses worry themselves so much about unique styles or should we say odd designs that common people can’t really wear, one fashion designer is more concerned at how he would be able to protect his clients from gunshot. Miguel Caballero, Bolgota’s bulletproof tailor mixes protection with fashion so that VIPs, soldiers and body guards will not be the only ones to be able to wear his creations.

Among his clients are important public figures of Latin America such as Peru Pres. Alan Garcia, Columbian Pres. Alvaro Uribe, Venezuelan Pres. Hugo Chavez and Brazilian Pres. Lula. They also have European clients like Spanish Crown Prince Felipe and wife Letizia. And of course, he tailors for famous actors like Steven Seagal. Just how does Caballero ensure his products meet the needs and fashion taste of these personalities?


Bulletproof vests, suits and jackets are designed depending on the kind of protection a person needs. Much heavy and reliable items, for instance, are definitely the only products for soldiers and guards. For those who need fashionable and also comfortable products, 100% flexible and less heavy bulletproof apparels but with the same protection, are designed. “I shoot all of my employees,” said Caballero. “And I have received two times the test”, Caballero adds referring to his philosophy of quality control.

I wonder if there are doctors who have worn under their lab coats any of these bulletproof clothes. Well, maybe controversial doctors such as Dr. Kali P. Chaudhuri and Anthony Galea, if they received death threats like abortion obstetrician Shim Sang-duk of South Korea and Dr Suzanne Gudakunst who revealed top secret fat loss secret to the general public. It would be real annoying and uncomfortable to wear such a thing while trying to save lives.

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