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Let’s Go Dora Print Scrubs! Vamonos!

Las enfermeras son muy bonita! Their scrub uniforms make them look even better. Elegant and fashionable scrub tops, which thrive in the market today, bring nurses and every other medical practitioner the respectable appearance they deserve or must show. But it doesn’t always have to be all elegant and all fashionable; scrub prints are as well perfect, and are in fact, widely used in the medical industry. Even cartoon print scrubs are accepted in most clinical departments.

Tooniforms or cartoon scrub uniforms, although playful looking instead of elegant, are very much appreciated by many patients. Kids, in particular like it best when they see their point of interest even while on the hospital bed. Cute and cuddly Dora, for instance, can spread her delightfully witty character to the little fellows, bringing smiles as they try to win over illnesses.

Cherokee Dora Scrub Prints

Printed Que Bonita mock wrap top which features a contrast binding neckline and sleeves are among Pulse Uniform’s pretty Dora print scrubs. It’s a slim fitted top with patch pockets to carry along some valuable stuff. In addition are side vents that allow some air into the garment to let the wearer feel comfortable while busy on hospital tasks. The same features can be found with Dora Absolutely Fabulous scrub print. Both products are from poly/cotton poplin fabrics, thus assuring the consumer comfort and durability.

You can easily get hold of these lovely print scrub tops and even printed scrub jackets when you visit Pulse Uniform. It also carries lots of other trendy colored and white scrubs. The store user-friendly online catalog will lead you to the item fast. And for quick processing of orders, feel free to contact Pulse Uniform through our state-of-the-art customer service center. Our customer service representatives will be more that willing to give you a hand.

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